Saturday, January 14, 2012

The difference a month makes

Thirty days isn't that long as a time but that doesn't mean that big things can't happen. A month ago today I was at the allergist staring at this massive list of things I can't eat. I simply asked the Dr. what I was supposed to eat..he had no idea. Thanks. And so started the venture to eliminated all allergens from my diet. I didn't think I'd changed that much until just now as I looked at how effortlessly I had just gone through my morning. So what changed?

Breakfast then: tea with loads of chemical filled  "non-dairy" (dairy and soy filled) creamer and a bowl of store brand sugar coated cereal with banana and almond milk. Seemed okay at the time and I validated the sugar splurge with telling myself I ate health every other meal.

Breakfast now: tea with almond milk and either oatmeal with fresh fruit and honey or an organic egg on homemade whole-wheat toast (no egg or butter in the recipe, just a little oil) and maybe a few pieces of natural bacon with a tiny bit of brown sugar added for flavor and a few strawberries.

Lunch then: PB&J on store bread full of chemicals, jelly full of sugar and peanut butter with chemicals and more sugar with a small bag of butter filled (chemical) popcorn. I may even have some fast food if we're in town complete with chemical and sugar filled soda!

Lunch now: Organic pasta with fresh homemade spinach pesto and turkey kielbasa (chemical free) and some homemade lemonade. Fast food is no longer allowed!

Dinner then: Homemade spicy potato soup with fat filled cream, store bought salt and chemical soaked ham bits and chemical sprayed potatoes. This went great with chemical ridden dough goop from a can that baked itself into biscuits.

Dinner now: Baked chicken breast coated with Planko or homemade bread crumbs on organic pasta with organic or homemade spaghetti sauce. No garlic bread needed.

Somehow I managed to lose 85 lbs in about two years by eat my "old ways" but honestly I have no idea how looking back on it. All I did was eat chemicals and fake things!! Even when I did my best to eat healthy, it turns out it was still slowly killing me. No wonder I had to work so hard in my workouts to see a result! So now I'm getting ready to get back into working out and can't help but wonder what the results will be.