Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To God be the glory

My weight is coming off very, very slowly....which can sometimes be quite frustrating.  I want to jump on the scale and see a 5 lb loss every single week. my age...that's not gonna happen unless I'm on "The Biggest Loser" and exercise 8 hours every day and have a personal trainer telling me what I should and shouldn't eat!!! 

I wrote a post on my blog today titled, 
"To God Be the Glory", 
and it explains why sometimes I feel I don't loose like I would's because I try to take the credit for any accomplishment....instead of giving the glory to HIM!!!

If you get a chance, I would love for you to check it out....To God Be The Glory!!!

Blessings to each of you....Deb

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still losing..slowly but surely...

I am so glad that this healthy eating is not only helping me feel better but also lose weight slowly but surely. I haven't had any real battles with temptation. And I look better every day.  Sometimes I see my face in the bathroom mirror at Krogers or Jack in the Box...and I do a double take because I don't even recognize myself. 

Trying on Clothes is Fun Now!   Is there anything more fun than trying on everything in your closet because it all looks so much better and fits better now?  I'm in heaven!..all except the hanging the clothes back up part which I really hate!  It seems like a miracle that I fit back into my size 16 black jeans from seven years ago! God is so good!
It's great to to have so much energy..especially for the grandkids. Not as much energy as the grandkids of course..but a lot more than I used to have!

Well..and hubby..well he's just getting to be a pest. Silly guy! I guess that's the best proof of all. He just grins at me now and it's really so embarrassing! The teens are like.."Aww Come on Dad! Grow up!"

I'm praying that all of you are staying the course too and experiencing victories of one kind or another. How are you all doing? I'd love to hear from you.  Having some struggles? Let us know so we can encourage you and pray for you.  I haven't lost any weight this week..but I've lost more inches and I'm having to pin my clothes on to hold them up!  I've gone down four sizes this month!

Something to consider  My successful weightloss and improvement in my overall health is proof of what happens when you are finally willing to 'die' to the junk food.  It doesn't take lots of self-control...but rather more of a willingness to give up some of the intense pleasures of treats..for food our bodies love and can process in a normal way and use to the best efficiency. I know we all 'LOVE' to eat and to eat certain foods...but is that really the best?

The bloating...ugly bumps...fatigue...allergies...looking and feeling the very best that you can possibly feel...even if you still have a lot to lose.  If you are still struggling with temptation...and haven't tried giving up white flour products and junk food....just remember..It might work for you to!  What can it hurt to give up the 'yummy stuff' for just one little ole' week?  If you find yourself being able to say No to temptation and looking and feeling better than you have in years, wouldn't it be worth it?  It's just a thought... :o)

Would you let your children eat...what you let yourself eat?  For years, I've given myself permission to indulge in ways that I never would have let my children do.  The result? They are thin...I am not. What do I tell them? Too much sweets is bad for you. Veges and lean meat are good for you. You need to eat more fruit. No more soda...Water is better!   Candy and dessert are treats..not to be eaten on a regular basis.  If all of this is true for my much more so is it not true for us adults?  It's something to think about.

Have a great week!

Donna @ Comin' Home

PS. I'm posting the linky list for this week. Sorry I've been off schedule. Can I plead three grandchildren as my excuse?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

{ getting back on track }

i'm getting back on track.
need your prayers...desperately!
i have alot flooding my mind right now. . .but i've got to get back on track. hubby's job was in hiatus...we thought they were going to strike, so what did i do? i resorted to eating to calm me down! i'm over that obstacle at the moment, but i've moved on to another. . .but GOD will help me through it without eating!!!
i'm excited to read what you all have been doing!
pray for me and i am you all!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

This week's update

Well my week started off very rocky indeed, I have no excuses, I just couldn't keep my trap shut. Bread seemed to be the order of the day - despite KNOWING that it gives me awful belly ache. Seriously, why do we do this to ourselves? Anyway, by Sunday things were improving and by Tuesday I was ready for getting back on track properly - purchasing some new clothes in a size smaller kind of forced me back on track!

I haven't got a weight update because lately I've been getting too obsessed over the numbers and have decided to weigh in just once a month. I've spoken to my WW leader and she's happy with that so I'm going to give it a go. I just don't find the half pound losses inspiring you know? But if I was told once a month that I'd lost say 2 whole pounds, I'd be stoked! It works for my mum doing it this way.

I'm still cooking at the weekend and benefitting from reduced kitchen time during the week.

Not much of an update really, but there's just not much different going on here at the moment.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Am I Doing This? (Losing weight) By Keelie at Real Fat

Dear Friends at Gettin' Thin Together,

If you have not yet visited Keelie of REAL FAT, you have missed a huge source of encouragment and inspiration. She's so sweet and funny! She talks very matter of factly about how it feels to struggle with your hard it is to give up the foods we love, and how easy it is to feel bad about your self when you are overweight. She's so REAL and so funny!!  This post just about made me die with laughter!

You gotta give her a visit at REAL FAT.  Her post today about having a "Mental Health", nails etc 
was very inspiring...think I'll go paint my toenails too!

Meet Kylee.....

I have been overweight forever. This is a struggle that weighs most heavily on the soul. I am finally looking to God for help in becoming the woman He created me to be, inside and out. This blog is the brutally honest account of my pursuit to lose 100 lbs. It may be silly, it may be sad; perhaps even strange at times, but one thing it will always be is real.

My Stats

Height: 5'4"
Starting Weight: 229
Current Weight: 178
Pounds Lost: 51
Inches lost: 27
Goal Weight: 129
Starting Size: 22
Current Size: 14
Goal Size: 6  was so good!!

Why I am Doing this? Read on...

P.S. A heartfelt thank you to Jack for his special brand of motivation and humor. You have kept me going more than once, my friend.


Hope everyone enjoyed sure made me laugh!

Donna at Comin' Home

Monday, June 7, 2010

My "Real Food" diet is working!! Before and After Pictures from Donna. PTL!!

 173 pounds on June 5th (5'2")  (Stomach all gone!!)

Hi everyone! I'm posting my first every "Before and After" pictures!  Rebekah is asleep and we do mother-daughter marriage devotions and tea  for an hour every morning my blogging time is limited and since she's already asleep, I had to take this photo myself. Sadly, both pix are blurry, but I'll have her help me tomorrow for a better one. I couldn't use a flash in the that's what the blur is all about.

  189 pounds on February 25 (5'2") 
I looked pregnant from the side because my stomach was so big. And it was so tight in the bust that I could barely get it over my chest.

But I think you get the idea anyway. I  added the  ruffle and widened the hips on this blouse on February 25th this year. I started dieting about a week after we started   this blog on April 11 and I didn't really start dieting until April 18th or so ...and I took this photo tonight, June 6th.  So this has been seven weeks of dieting. (Did I tell you I had no intentions of getting on a diet...I just started the we could all encourage each other. I thought I would never be able to get on a and stay on a diet again for the rest of my life!!)

I thought I'd post my update though it is belated. I've been so swamped with family responsibilities which absolutely must come first that I haven't been able to keep up very much. The Lord has really been working on me to keep my priorities straight and with that came a conviction to drop blogging or commenting if anyone in the family has a need or just requests that I watch a movie or play a game, or listen to their latest speech. That means a lot of interruptions! I've missed you all!

Anyway, I am still pinching this real? To think I fought giving up junk food all these years! My conscious has always bugged me about it ...but I just couldn't bring myself to give up the processed foods and snack foods and poor quality bread and tons of pasta.     I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my freedom to choose good quality food at every meal and go back to the old cravings..

I've been a prisoner to cravings for junk all my life and I literally have not craved a speck of junk food since I gave it up. I can smell it and look at it and know how good it would taste..and not eat it.  When you think of how much sense it is that natural food (all original recipes by God himself!) like vegetables, fruit, meat , and nuts is going to be good for you and that food made of man-made chemicals just might not be good for you, it makes me wonder why I never consider this!  (I had my protein powder/healthy carbs drink at lunch in a chick filet last week along with an orange and some nuts!)

All these years, I've been a prisoner of my appetites even when I was thin. Now, I'm free and I never feel the need to overeat.  I just want to say thank you over and over to the Lord that the way of escape was sitting there right in front of me....but my taste buds didn't want me to say NO to them.  I truly believe that someday, I will again be able to eat a piece of pizza or have icecream without it sending me into drug-like additive cravings, but I think my body needs to get completely healthy before that can safely happen.

I actually love water and fruit and vegetables now and lean meat...and I avoided them in the past. Even though I loved the taste of them..they were too much trouble to mess with and I didn't 'crave' them like I did toast, crackers, chips, and pasta.

Not only that but I have so much stamina and energy that I just can't believe it's real! The other night, I went square dancing with the children for the first time in several months. Normally, I would dance about two dances...then be exhausted and very over heated. So I'd rest and sit out a dance, then join the next one.  Even though it had been months since I'd danced...I was able to dance two solid hours with no breaks!!  I was so full of energy that I was wide-eyed all the way home even though we didn't get back from College Station until 1:30am.   I NEVER NEED A NAP NOW!  I have been off junk food since May 5th.  That's only ONE MONTH! And I'm healthier and more energetic than I've been in my whole life!

If I never lost a pound...I'd never go back to eating like I did. Now that I know what was making me feel exhausted, emotional, stressed, and addicted.  I look so different even after such a small weight loss that everyone who knows me wants to know what in the world I am doing. The crazy thing is it isn't that the weight loss is so large, but that my skin tone is wonderful, and I'm so NOT bloated. I've lost so many inches that the brand new clothes I bought a month ago don't fit. (Several inches too big in the waist.) I've only lost seven pounds this month...and that's good...but I look like a different person. That never happened when I've dieted in the past.

So when people ask me what I'm doing to lose weight...I tell them..I don't count calories...I don't weigh anything....but I also don't overeat--and I don't even feel the urge too.  I just always eat REAL food rather than man-made...i.e.a small piece of meat, a cheese stick, an orange or apple, broccoli spears in vinegar and oil, and an occasional cup of oatmeal or brown rice. The stomach monster seems to have been slain! Hurrah!

So, I thank the Lord every single day for answering my deepest heartfelt not be overweight and to not be tired, sick, and embarrassed about how I look every moment of the day.  To look really trim even though I do still weigh just astonishing!  I never looked good at that weight before and I think it's because all the junk and chemicals are out of my system. I look and feel younger than I ever have...even though I am overweight. That's as big a miracle as I can imagine.  I have hope now and a future...even if it took three years to lose all my weight...I wouldn't care...because I've got most of the benefits of being thin..already!

There is no one I would more want to tell about what has happened to me than you guys. If you haven't considered giving up processed foods yet and are still struggling with a desire for food...please do give it a shot, even if just for a week or two. I wish I had known how much it would help years ago.

Keep up the good work ladies! I am so encouraged by your stories and hope mine helps you too.

Donna @ Comin' Home

Sunday, June 6, 2010

(Slowly coming off)

I finally approached the scales this week-end. I have been avoiding it for weeks now. I have lost 6 pounds slowly but surely. I am considering taking a fitness & taekwondo class. I called about it this week and it is $5 per class they meet three days a week. Maybe two days a week I could go???? I am still praying about it. What do you think should I join? I have been cutting back and eating less bread and drinking more water. I have also cut back on the caffeine in fact I am drinking 1/2 decaf coffee. I tried to go decaf coffee, but that just does not cut it in the morning.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Quick update

To be honest there isn't really much of an got incredibly busy and the weight loss stopped...didn't gain any weight really but I wasn't exactly making any progress either. Last week I decided to take stock and see if I could figure out the real cause of me eating unhealthy foods when in fact I love fresh fruit and veg above anything else! It basically came down to laziness...or should I say tiredness. I get to work at about 7.30am...spend the day somewhere between my desk and the lab, but usually standing or walking at least...get home at 5.15pm and by that time I'm tired beyond belief. Don't forget I also do the evening job - the graphic design - since Andy is still out of work after losing his job 14 months ago. I love the evening job, but sometimes you just want to come home from work and chill, don't you? So anyway, where was I? Oh yes, dinner is usually squeezed in sometime between the day job and the evening job...and is therefore stressful, rushed and carried out when I'm grumpy, in pain and tired. No wonder we eat a lot of processed food!

Ok, so I started thinking back to how I used to get round this the last time I lost a lot of weight. I was a full time student last time I did this...and no less busier than I am now. I remembered that the last time I did this, I used to cook on a Saturday morning and then refrigerate or freeze everything. It wasn't ideal, but I did this until I got more energy after losing about 3 stone (42 pounds) - and that's what I plan to do now :)

So last Saturday I made a right mess of the kitchen and actually ENJOYED it because I wasn't doing it when I was tired and cranky!
I've booked today off work so I can have some "me" time while Andy is at a job interview and guess what I'm doing? You guessed it...some cooking. I've discovered that I only have so much energy and I need to cook quickly before it's gone!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

my journey to a new way of eating

My struggles with weight started when I hit my teens.  I moved from South America to the United States...the land of the pre-packaged meals, and here is where I discover foods that I never knew existed.  My weight was always a yo-yo.  I was never truly thin...but I was truly heavy! 

My heaviest was last year - I weighted myself at 190 lbs.  For a 5'2" frame woman in her early forties...this was a devastating blow to my self-steem and my body.  I had no energy. Vitamins were not helping and neither was exercise.  The saying - go and get yourself checked by a physician is the wisest advice you can follow! 

So I went and what she discovered was not pretty!  I had thyroid issues - hence the weight gain, the low energy, the mood swings, the food cravings, the depression.  I was placed on medication for a year, but I was not getting any better - in fact, I began to get so sick everytime I ate, that I was getting very worried! 

More tests were performed and finally had a diagnosis...I was a Type II Diabetic.  Now, when I was given this information, I pretty much went into denial.  I always believed that being diabetic just meant that I needed to watch my sugar and take medication.  Well, in my ignorance, I began to eat foods that were so unhealthy thinking that because they were sugar-free, I was doing well.  This is when I reallized, that I was un-informed about food.  Labels, ingredients, books...I read everything I could get my hands on.  One thing I knew I did not want and that was medication!  There was no way, I was going to live attached to a pill for the rest of my life.  My doctor basically gave me two either change your food intake or be on medication for life. 

Being a diabetic has its issues.  Anything that turns into sugar is a problem for me. But, with Our Lord's help, I have been able to manage it so far...I am going on a year here, without any type of medication!

What did I do?  I am glad you asked :)

I began to really read every label of every food I had purchased and I discovered that EVERYTHING has sugar!  Corn syrup is an additive - a preservative.  No wonder we are all so heavy! 

salmon fillets with rosemary, sea salt and olive oil - ready for the oven

After I discovered these news, I began to cook!  Yes, cook!  I went into using all natural ingredients.  I cut out of my diet every pre-packaged food item that came from the grocery store.  What does this mean?  I cook everything dear friends.  I make everything from Scratch! 

I realized that grains were not my enemies but my friends.  That sugar was not really the culprit, but refined sugar was.  Carbohydrates - good ones, are needed for my energy level and for my sugar level to stay even.  I also discovered that protein is wonderful, but too much can cause gas and will make me very sluggish!  Not all fruits are good for me due to their sugar content, and that sweets CAN NOT be eaten in moderation!

whole wheat dark chocolate chip scones

I began to bake with whole grain flours.  I began to cook my protein in the oven with very little water and covered.  This way, the juices of the meat or chicken stays in the gravy and I am eating a very healthy piece of meat!  I bake everything with honey, raw sugar or Agave Nectar.  I cook with sea salt and my oil is made from olives.  My seasoning comes from the herbs in my garden.  Rosemary, sage, thyme, lemon balm, lavender.  I don't fry anything but bake pretty much everything!  If I crave anything ice-cream or cookies or cake, I reward myself with it once a month!  You are reading it right, once a month!   The pasta that I eat is whole grain and my sauce is not from a jar, but from real tomatoes.  I eat as much raw vegetables as I can.  I drink a great deal of filtered water, not carbonated; also I do not drink coffee but drink green tea in the morning as a way of waking up my system.  I eat 6 meals a day and try not to skip any meals.  I don't starve.  In fact, I am so satisfied, than when I bake a dessert for the family, it stays there until it is eaten by someone else :) 

Oh, I much on chips sometimes...but the reactions are so harsh, that it is just not worth it! 

my ingredients for whole wheat bread...whole wheat flour, honey, olive oil, sea salt and water.

Changing my cooking style, my grocery lists and my attitude has helped me stay in the best shape I have been since I was 18yrs old!  I am now 44yrs old. A mother of three children.  I went from 190lbs to 135lbs.  I have been able to keep it and still have about 20 more pounds to go.  I am in no hurry to loose these though! Stress is not good for a diabetic so why hurry!  I did not get this way in a took many years of eating wrong that caused this unbalance in my body and it is going to take quite a bit of time to make it right.  I don't panic when I gain a pound or two or even 5!  I just cut back on my meals and exercise. 

Take your time dear friends.  The key is commitment.  Next time I will share a typical menu that my family and I eat to stay eating healthy.

Until next time...


Something to think about...

I missed our Wednesday weigh in this week. I am happy to announce that I've lost 7 pounds since we first started. I know that may not be a lot, but I am very happy. I have found that the best way for me to lose it to work on increments. Not 5 or 10 pounds but random numbers. When we started, I weighed 169. Which may not seem like a lot of weight, but I am small boned and only 5' tall.

Since I was trying to lose 20 pounds, I kept getting discouraged because I would lose a pound or two then put one back on. So I decided, that 165 would be awesome. I just watched how much I ate of everything and didn't go without anything I love. I just had it in moderation. And before I knew it I had held on at 165 for several days straight. Then I shot for 162. I got to 163 and fluctuated between 163 and 163.5 for about a week or more. So this week I increased my activity. More house work, more cleaning out closets, more outdoors work and Wah Lah! I've been holding at 162 so it's time for my next goal. I'm going to shoot for 159. This way, I'll be out of the 160's.

It may seem a strange way to lose weight, but it works for me.

becoming a better listener!

When we first begin anything new, it takes motivation to stay the course.  It takes a great deal of commitment and of course, a willingness to let go of the past mistakes and try a different route.

When it comes to eating differently, this is, if I could say it, an overwhelming challenge.  It happens so often for me, that when I "fall off the wagon" per say, I become discouraged and I end up taking three steps back!

Because of my diabetes, I don't have a choice but stay committed or become very ill.

This afternoon, for instance, a dear friend invited me for lunch.  It is always so nice to spend time with friends, but when they do not eat like you do, it can become the hardest meal you may have had that day.  Then how do you explain that the food she has in her pantry will make you ill?  Very simply, by being honest with your friends and family and letting them know ahead of time that you are committed to this new style of eating, and that eating something for "just this time" will make you quite sick and will derail your focus.

Be prepared to eat what is natural.  Do not go for the chips, the cold cuts - I don't care how fat-free or sugar-free they are advertised, they are processed and hence, not good for you.  Stay away from store-bought bread.  Even if it is wheat, it still contains high-fructose corn syrup, and to a diabetic this is a no-no.

Today, I had a salad and I made the mistake of eating a slice of store-bought bread.  Did it give me a reaction?  You bet!!  When I was driving home, I became very sleepy and my hands became numb.  This is my body's way of letting me know..."You have eaten something that is making me sick!"  How do I counter-act this reaction?  By drinking a cup of peppermint tea or a tall glass of water; staying still for an hour or so until my sugar levels itself out and take a walk around the block. 

Now, I know, that many of you probably do not suffer from diabetes, like I do.  But if you still get reactions, like bloating, pain, or feelings of nausea...listen to your body and next time, I can guarantee it that you will listen better.

Stay the course...


Hello......anybody home!!!

It's a bit sad to admit....but it looks like our "Gettin' Thin Together" blog has somewhat gone the way of a lot of my "diets". 
It's just not working out like I had thought it would!!!

I hope that each of you have found since we started this journey....what works for you. 
For's keeping up with my walking.....eating smaller portions....cutting back on my bread....and drinking my water!!

Hope to hear from some of the rest of you to let us know what's going on with your journey...and what's working (or not working) for you!!!
Blessings to each of 'ya!!!