Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It Pays to Follow the 'Rules' When Playing the "Lose Weight" game

Oh my goodness! Who would have thought that following a few simple rules for eating could speed my weight loss progress! Thank you Bob Greene from "My Best Life Ever"!

Here are the rules for losing weight that he suggests we abide by.  I dropped another pound in two days following these rules. (Total weight loss of 13.5 since Sept. 5).

  •  Rule 1: Don't eat after 7:30pm.
  •  Rule 2: Exercise 30 min. a day. 
  •  Rule 3: Drink lots of water. 
  •  Rule 4: Switch to Low-fat Dairy, 
  •  Rule 5: No EMOTIONAL EATING. 
  •  Rule 6: Ask Am I REALLY HUNGRY? 
  •  Rule 7: No Soda,
  •  Rule 8: No Alcohol. 
  •  Rule 9: No fried foods. 
  •  Rule 10. No trans fats. 

And I thought I was 'stuck'. These rules are great!  Visit him at The Best Life Blog.

What I love best is that he addresses the heart of why we are overweight--over eating and emotional eating and challenges us to really focus on this. Why do we eat more than we should? My solution is simple...take all of that stress, discouragement, or even the desire to 'reward' myself with the Lord. Eating is a bad way to comfort myself! What do you think?


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fasting for a Re-boot to Clean Eating

Hey friends, Long time no chat! I've been busy teaching school and getting our bathroom re-done, plus tons of paperwork, but I wanted to send out a quick update.

I am coming off of a 'controlled' fast..basically it's a 'colon cleanse'. I have to say I feel like a million dollars--lots of energy and the whole family says that even my skin looks better. I lost a few pounds but that is probably mostly water.

Still, the best part is it has gotten rid of a lot of cravings and given me the self-discipline to start eating well again.   Funny how junk food makes you crave...junk food! Have you noticed?