Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 3 -- Bittersweet

Good thing I've been keeping Mom under close scrutiny the last two days because this morning she was put to the test.

Sickness decided to camp out in my respiratory system this morning and I had to skip work. That left Mom's breakfast unsupervised. My hard work paid off though -- Mom stuck with her diet and even went for a long walk while I was sleeping!

After some medication and extra sleep, I was back on my feet in time to oversee our lunches right before we headed out the door. Which reminds me...

No More Cast!

We took a trip to the clinic today and Mom's cast was removed from her left wrist! Waiting on her for an hour tested my patience and I seriously considered finding a pair of scissors and doing it myself next time. Nonetheless, we were elated that Mom was set free. This incident led to a humorous remark from the Doctor as he was giving Mom instructions for therapy:

"Don't be doing anything strenuous with your wrist right away. No pushups or anything."

How did he know???

We won't have any trouble adjusting Mom's cardio/strength training so she can tackle it single-handedly. Literally.

Day 3 Progress Update

Weight Progress: -1lb
Total weight-loss: -2lbs

Lesson Learned today: even if your trainer is sick, you can still decide to exercise and eat right on your own.

Go Mom!


  1. Bekah, what a cute post! :) Thanks for helping me shop for healthy alternatives today ...and for helping me cook the 'guys' food ...while I cook OUR food. Glad you are feeling better this evening too. You are such an encouragement to me!


  2. Love you Mom. :) That's why I'm doing this. <3

  3. You girls are doing a great job! I so need to get on your exercise/diet plan. It is so hard for me to eat right because I don't take the time to cook right...that's my excuse, and I'm stickin' to it.

    Love you both!!!

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