Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gaining Weight While Away from Home

How did the holidays go for you all? I was thrilled to discover that I only gained two pounds over the holidays. I never weighed and I was expecting a lot worse.  Sadly, I rejoiced a little too soon.

We headed off to Seattle for three weeks where I promptly broke my wrist.

Guess what happens when you sit in a recliner for three weeks and do nothing but eat and sleep and take pain pills?  Add to that...that you can't politely choose your own someone else is cooking that whole time.  Then add several dinners out.    It was a recipe for disaster.

I gained four pounds and feel bloated. Drat!

So do I give up? Of course not.  This is a journey. I just need to buckle down and keep going.  It's time to get back to healthy eating Jaime has suggested..and to get moving again.  Walking..hooping...and just good ole' housework should get me back on track.

I'm going to start logging my food again on Lose It. Accountability works wonders!

How are you all doing?  Let me know! And let's welcome a new member..   Debra of Florentine Lily to our group. What better time to get posting again than a new year!

Love you all!

Donna @ Comin' Home


  1. So glad you're home and that you aren't giving up on your journey, not that anyone would fault you if you did til the cast came off. I'm so proud of you!

  2. You're making it, Donna, that's what counts. I didn't weigh after November until the middle of January because I couldn't bear to see any gain. Here's wishing you a great start!

  3. This is encouraging! Thanks for sharing your story, and your determination to not give up.

    I gained over the holidays, too, but have started to lose now. Trouble with my gall bladder means cutting back on fat, and that's a good thing!